Jennifer’s wedding day beauty | Nicole Berrett Photography | Paradise Cove Lake Grapevine

12 Jun


 So, I am super late on blogging this gorgeous, brunette beauty …. but better late than never! Jennifer’s wedding day look included a palette of soft beigey-nude-browns and pretty pinks. I created a sideswept, softly curled updo that we topped off with a pretty little bling. Enjoy these gorgeous images from her Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine wedding by Nicole Berrett Photography.

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Ballerina Beauties | Heather Hawkins Photography | Dallas Youth Ballet

10 Jun

Today on the blog, I’m swapping brides for ballerinas!WQy8vuNW3_aJsSS95IX11cG9WqVPZc49bvUgDwVsKSs,KuZFUSRDXvPBPG48TCfS5iQhiHFFIdoAA9RJqpy8Ra4,ZI-j0w11EaW--YB2SZGgmSJtGfDsna2ynfaGmFrqdK8

I had the pleasure of working with Brooke & Tatum, two gorgeous, lovely girls, best friends and gracefully talented dancers with the Dallas Youth Ballet at The Dallas Conservatory. They came to me to get hair and makeup ready, then headed to Bows & Arrows next for their fancy floral crown toppers, then off they went with Heather Hawkins Photography, who captured these breathtaking images!

I did a really soft, muted matte palette of dusty pinks, taupes and browns with flushed cheeks and matte lips, then finished them off with detailed braided updos. Enjoy!

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Sugar Bee Sweets Baby Gender Reveal with Berrett Photography :: Heidi’s hair + makeup

9 Jun

Let’s be honest. How cute is this gender reveal photo session??


Such a beautiful family! Heidi (owner of Sugar Bee Sweets bakery in Arlington) and Bryan each chewed up a piece of pink and blue bubble gum, blew a bubble and had their daughter Vivian burst a bubble to reveal that they are having another little girl! I was honored and thrilled to do Heidi’s hair and makeup for their family session with Berrett Photography at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.


I wanted to emphasize Heidi’s gorgeous, sparkly blue eyes with a charcoal eyes shadow and black liner and highlight her gorgeous bone structure with a pop of color on her cheeks. For her hair, I gave her big waves with extra volume a little braid on the side. Enjoy!





Hunter’s wedding day beauty | A/K Photography |Miss Mary’s Place, Longview wedding

3 Jun


I’ve know Hunter for just literally as long as I can remember, having grown up down the street from her when we were little kids. Being a part of her wedding day was less like work and a lot more like a big ole’ east Texas reunion with old friends. I got Hunter and all her bridesmaids makeup-ready at the Cherokee Club overlooking Lake Cherokee before her ceremony and reception at Miss Mary’s Place this spring. She’s as sweet as she is beautiful and her entire group of beer-drinking, boot-wearing, hysterical and gorgeous bridesmaids had me laughing the entire day.

Enjoy these beautiful images by A/K Photography.

10379359_856038245595_988312140_n 10388556_856038250585_1753620199_n 10368708_856038140805_439615732_o 10374308_856038270545_1965026445_n



{Bride’s hair + makeup / bridesmaids makeup by Beauty & the Blush}


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Sarah’s bohemian engagement portraits | Margot Landen Photography

29 May

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My friend Sarah is one of those girls that you’re just instantly attracted to. She’s a blonde-hair (platinum these days), blue-eyed, fair-skinned beauty with gorgeous features, legs for days, and a bohemian-chic, free-spirted style all her own (note, her whimsical-chic BHLDN gown). Not to mention her delicate but distinctive European bone structure that I just adore.

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So when she told me her vision for her engagement shoot with the vastly talented Margot Landen Photography, I was over the moon! I knew her style would translate into images that were anything but your average, posed engagement shoot.

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Wild hair with tight waves and straight ends with tons of carefree volume. Illuminated skin that glistens in the sun. A soft but but striking glow in a warm palette of pink, peach, gold and champagne. Naked, effortless, no-makeup-makeup. Enjoy these stunning, sun-drenched, roaming-the-wilderness images of Sarah & Thomas!

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Summer Fashion Shoot with Milk & Honey Boutique | Sukilynn Photography

22 May


Let’s mix things up and get crazy with a non-weding post this morning! I am SO super excited to have recently taken a job as the official makeup artist for Milk & Honey Boutique in Dallas!


Want to see what we’ve been up to lately? We recently teamed up for a fun spring/summer fashion shoot to show off the cute threads on the M/H racks with the sassy, trendy, super-chic girls of Lolly, Shannon Yoachum (who is also a MH team member) and Lauren Scruggs. Enjoy these rad images by the talented Sukilynn Photography! See more of their looks on the Milk & Honey Boutique website!

ssCfHHitHEqbuUPY-qnCs4ROkvmC41CTlO2iJkNahwE LHAjPNmCHIWh0Ph-HFwrU4p5-fetmZHsQw-rxzMVRqI i6YPQelZmbjWPf_Ky-nHxzbY54tHgVXcH6jpH0V7D0M FcElr0BtA6fWyJW0c6AO9ql6GL0Ay-D3yQnV5zv7pHE AlYrml6FZEc3Q1hqrz1Rcil-EGK4HF74zPRRMDOhrQA ab6U3YNrYwot8gJC6T_rih3f4hIDMS38yXh3UNLhWl0 0dBp0znbmljcGz4gQdr3CtoabOZNRgaAEYZD3XdiZrA


Chelsey’s wedding beauty | Anna Routh Photography | After Yes

21 May


I adore this bride’s classic-cool, city-chic style! Check out her stunning, contemporary gown, dramatic statement accessories and that sassy fur vest at her reception (it was a winter wedding)! Bright eyes, pretty pink lips, and effortless loose waves for Chelsey’s big day. Enjoy these gorgeous images from Anna Routh Photography.

GJmhqtQjp9HHhd94cmvMYmS3iRG84Q_J1e-DKZrNq8w ndQcBttBLG4KslYFD8-FgXiTcVPrImaL-QA2c65NF8E spFdViFEuGQq4PvTNm7TU0l0viS9DRTpv_dyABFNU2w ptFfx2Y2FbGAgpH_UNKt0ld0UCCPHTfXiUA0rrvAIi8 Ve9303hgKU9L03Y2ThkxvpD78g4fWQIpiXlVtN_vvPw pu45HaLxiSa7snHaLdBnOXVghaDMPHDB7hL5B4r1l_I,H_D3OHstQLm0K5XXmbqWtScg6Ovk12Tu62yCs8fUqWc

Planner After Yes | Floral Kate Foley Designs | Venue Reata Fort Worth

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Lauren’s bridal portraits | Tyler Tyndell Photography

19 May


I called Lauren my “princess bride.” One glance at these jaw-dropping photos and you’ll see why.

1394902292435 1394855828163


She’s absolutely stunning! Long blonde locks, curled, pouffed and pinned to perfection, gorgeous skin and beautifully sparkling eyes. Enjoy all of these gorgeous, story-book-perfect images by Tyler Tyndell Photography.

983674_10201595858128852_1359649977794808308_n 10269359_10201595825728042_8656639235558312254_n 10270753_10201595767846595_1639024553383591676_n 10294262_10201595801167428_5711603273214289703_n 10303301_10201595783166978_7097463161531930240_n 10330290_10201595818367858_8119410432174367235_n 10329201_10201595803367483_3064645779503688658_n 10310622_10201595791807194_3507974356308192806_n 10307394_10201595856488811_1903809852568065583_n 10363770_10201595784087001_7519342225728350354_n 10373705_10201595785727042_275321311914256244_n 10375037_10201595762686466_9093919582664172015_n 10253858_10201595858728867_6306855953783817455_n 10314573_10201595858008849_8185407303162011053_n 10308167_10201595847928597_1660805920500728017_n 10308082_10201595839768393_8736475224806774944_n 10330275_10201595859128877_8282955443402681921_n 10350544_10201595805247530_8786852842909158885_n 10363386_10201595813607739_2248848176822185320_n

Chelsea’s engagement beauty | Downtown Dallas | Amy Karp Photography

15 May

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.54.04 PM

I love these gorgeous shots from Chelsea & Cody’s downtown Dallas engagement shoot with Amy Karp Photography! Smokey eyes, beautiful skin and big volume hair with waves – stunning!

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.51.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.53.05 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.53.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.53.41 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.53.51 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.51.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.52.28 PM


Aimee’s wedding day glamour | Grit + Gold Fort Worth | Matt & Julie Weddings | McKinney Cotton Mill

14 May


Perfect porcelain skin, Adele-inspired makeup (complete with a soft smokey eye, winged liner and a classic red lip) and a detailed, beautiful bouffant updo? This is what wedding day (beauty) dreams are made of! Enjoy these beautiful images (by Matt & Julie Weddings) from Aimee’s Big Day with Grit + Gold and we + you at the McKinney Cotton Mill!

tXoNtGKqlV1_kiJ0oaTp_mamsPc71gB86cXfeRkUzsY,dN8g1TRy8fPW79JxDhv_OSE46kvpDz4ivHEPhFUetYE RxzUwudRTElgnCGhpO-w_WDczylVyPA4voDPr3nNf7Q,fR1-T4LVAxWYCLpF2r5ca7frGUPu1VZDt3Sa4khkZqA,cVt2yppi2hQeo94sauqPbzsYBFq7kyH_lWn_gvNrzGQ K_gKt5TuD1e4E86Std_KUF-KsEHo_agjWWHZk8rfTXQ,Ej6MP7YzpNtxHOSLRPGyYd2mALXnvPi9uJJTcB_eN3A,QqhvSlpqUoqkegO3WmXGXjqEVqS3Lx2593xX4cOtZBU ijivJ0TLe3do5gM6jmOTdj8KNuhSSDiBW5louEkNbKc,Vb4U5eB4GTiNd91nk02YedTk37coIpCEWAz2ZSn0JAI,WsDgHhDKXl1NmdFdu07c-_vyDqBeTrOAzBRFb_qPeF0,xp1XquV733D3NAytb5TGOcNGklv3TT85nO_sSdqMmq4 I_dATxQ1rK8ib_SxGBl0zWg6dG2yLnZmkTzAsIhPa0g,1bsREZGXewYNSuhY8FAk5-B1qBduLS9PuljETXX3Fbo,4Np80kkKr7RRV7fBbbJYC6qQ-WWegsw4V5JmKWO1ry8,I2VXla6AyBMGMXXGViEIqWfGTguAdizofYmWLZwbakE f3C_hBDEu2o6ZLkRtDx1ZTm_HBc0rS_xbkl63KxPEkc,FWwhlnHer0qGiorjc4kvdSWey30i5uCFgXIcBu12YvU,aIFBPA74WjZ0sCfGrOsbkieHTdv7jpk4HpUiWLjycbA 5DIiHPrQ1rMc2XpFGjhaTDIoczJUasyXEACtP6EpGAw,GuOsh3or8YRwDFXnfWQ43EM6zsA-ssYR7vRWmpoATVo,not6qGibMPP4PrMWh2QXP0zNTA7aP66Ksh4xg0WWhqA