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Ballerina Beauties | Heather Hawkins Photography | Dallas Youth Ballet

10 Jun

Today on the blog, I’m swapping brides for ballerinas!WQy8vuNW3_aJsSS95IX11cG9WqVPZc49bvUgDwVsKSs,KuZFUSRDXvPBPG48TCfS5iQhiHFFIdoAA9RJqpy8Ra4,ZI-j0w11EaW--YB2SZGgmSJtGfDsna2ynfaGmFrqdK8

I had the pleasure of working with Brooke & Tatum, two gorgeous, lovely girls, best friends and gracefully talented dancers with the Dallas Youth Ballet at The Dallas Conservatory. They came to me to get hair and makeup ready, then headed to Bows & Arrows next for their fancy floral crown toppers, then off they went with Heather Hawkins Photography, who captured these breathtaking images!

I did a really soft, muted matte palette of dusty pinks, taupes and browns with flushed cheeks and matte lips, then finished them off with detailed braided updos. Enjoy!

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Linda’s anniversary shoot beauty | Tucker Images

8 May

My lovely Linda, she’s my dear friend, hairstyling assistant, right-hand gal, road trippin’ weekend warrior and curling, teasing, braiding, poufing and pinning partner in crime. If you’ve had a wedding with Beauty & the Blush this past year, you’ve met her and your bridesmaids likely got their updos from her! A few weeks ago, Linda got her own Beauty & the Blush hair and makeup treatment as she celebrated her one year anniversary with her sweet hubby Adam with this adorable outdoor photoshoot. These images are some of my favorites (by the ever lovely and so talented Tucker Images). She’s an all-natural gal, so we kept her makeup simple, just highlighting her eyes, cheeks and brows and big, easy-going waves in her hair.

View More: http://tuckerimages.pass.us/the-whittens View More: http://tuckerimages.pass.us/the-whittens View More: http://tuckerimages.pass.us/the-whittens View More: http://tuckerimages.pass.us/the-whittens View More: http://tuckerimages.pass.us/the-whittens View More: http://tuckerimages.pass.us/the-whittens View More: http://tuckerimages.pass.us/the-whittens


View More: http://tuckerimages.pass.us/the-whittens

Lauren’s engagement beauty | Brandi Burkett Photography

22 Apr


Lauren is one of my oldest childhood friends, so of course I was thrilled when she came to me for her engagement session makeup & hair! She wanted something natural but glamorous that would look great at her outdoor shoot at the canals of Las Colinas with Brandi Burkett Photography. So we used a neutral, warm palette of shades of gold and bronze on her eyes, peachy-coral on her cheeks and lips and big, loose, tousled waves in her hair with lots of volume.

10172821_10201085408855965_6360564134660198118_n 1016939_10201085416216149_1088789965469452852_n 10178018_10201085415216124_4409089710818856039_n 10154278_10201085403455830_7505113621609935315_n 10264288_10201085406055895_5512558407427630404_n 10256950_10203255729181298_1722235433176302246_n
1374827_10201085407215924_5866645760223893129_n 1925155_10201085408295951_5162969009947413977_n

Lauren & Robbie are tying the knot this May in ITALY (jealous!!!!) and we just did her bridal portraits last week. I am dying (and this is an understatement) to post those photos but it will have to wait until after her big day! Congrats to these two and cheers to your happily ever after!



Kaity’s Wedding Day Look {Soft, Romantic, Natural}

19 Oct

Kaity & Matt tied the knot on August 14th at TCU’s Robert Carr Chapel in Fort Worth.

Kaity is a natural beauty with beautiful porcelain skin and delicate features. We wanted to play that up by keeping everything really soft, romantic and natural. Kaity wanted to look and feel like herself on her wedding day, not overdone, just effortlessly glamorous!

Soft pearl, beige and grey on the eyes, a subtle peachy-pink on her cheeks and a pretty coral-pink lipstick (to compliment her killer coral shoes!) made up Kaity’s gorgeous, glowing bridal look.

{photo credit : the fabulously talented Jillian Zamora | Jillian Zamora Photography}